Sanctuary for
Her Emergence

Sanctuary for Her Emergence (aka SHE) is a 9 months

online immersion into the depths of and breadth of your

Unique incarnation as Woman.

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As a Unique self, you have a Unique perspective and a unique quality of intimacy with the world that informs precisely your unique gift. This unique gift is your original medicine, the healing that no-one else can give but you. As a woman incarnate, there is a specific way in which She* moves and wants to live in you and through you, as Woman.

Drawing from mythology, from my (Claire)  Unique Self Lineage and from deep archetypal wisdom, integrating psycho-spiritual practices from the Unique Self Emergence process I have created, this is a spiral journey designed to be traveled with a group of sisters.

Together we travel inside of ourselves and towards each-other, drawing from our innate sense of community and sisterhood to weave a deep feminine field from which we come out empowered to be and to become more of who we are uniquely and together.

* She =The Tao; Source; Goddess; The Divine Feminine essence which lives in you as you and through you, known by many names and yet that can't be named. 



SHE is a nine-month spiral that starts every year on the Winter Solstice and ends on Autumn Equinox of the next year.

This is a journey that unfolds organically, partly through an integrally designed spiral curriculum and partly generated by the unique and intimate cohort of women it is formed with.

Together we gather in Her name, to create a deep feminine field of remembrance and emergence. Nurtured by our practice, enquiry and devotion to She, each group co-weaves and co-creates a unique container that generates its own virtuous field. Each woman is invited to lean into the container and to draw strength and support from it. Together we learn to recognise Her in the fabric of our own life, and to access our own power, clarity and truth, supported by the field.

Monthly themes that explore a new facet of deep feminine practice, sacred context and aspect of Her Emergence as you.

3 short teachings per month supported by written
and guided practices to support that teaching.

2 live-webinars per month focused on coaching,
teaching and further integrating the teachings.

Content delivered principally via audio recordings,
via the sutra platform.

During 9 lunar cycles, we explore and practice facets and 

expressions of Source/ Goddess/ She who cannot be named.

Choose a plan that works for you

Once you register, you will be charged each month for a total of nine times. For the reduced or pay-it forward options, please write me at with the exact price you wish to pay and I’ll set it up for you. Thank you.

€ 90.00

For women who are challenged

€ 135.00

Recommended sweet spot

€ 153.00

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Those who pay upfront for the year will receive a bonus one hour session with me or 

2 x 30 min, at any time they need it during the nine months. Please email me at with your request. 

Strictly NO REFUND.

You will be charged monthly for nine times. For women who are challenged, or if you wish to pay if forward, please, write me at and I will set up your preferred price for you.




"The ‘all women” aspect of the program created much needed clarity on how I position myself in a circle of women, and provided the support net, I needed to navigate a year of intense inner and outer changes. The weekly exercises and transmissions in the program allowed me to bring about more presence, intention and awareness, in my daily life, both as a mother, and as a coach, with my clients".

Estelle Copinet | France


"My immersion into SHE created some profound changes in a very gentle way. Looking back on these 9 months, I realize how much closer to myself this journey has brought me. I have more trust in my intuition and feelings and a clearer sense of the limiting beliefs and patterns that hold back my full expression as a woman.

The depth of relating that developed between the participants made the experience caring, reassuring and very nourishing. Finally, the experience is over, but richness of the materials offered by Claire remain for us,  to continue to evolve and expand. “

Marie Laure Amadieu | France 


"When I first started this programme, I was looking for a connection to my female energy. Historically, I’d felt more comfortable and even safer in my ‘masculine’ side, but was very cautious and diffident around ‘the feminine’. As a young person, I didn’t have many female role models and also didn’t love the concept of gender, which made it difficult to identify with anything ‘feminine’. I was looking for a way to connect with the female that felt authentic, and I found it in SHE. Over our nine-month cycle, Claire guided us to observe the energies that are at work within us all in a way felt deeply personal and also very universal. We were encouraged to know these energies, move with them, explore them, become intimate with them, all the time supported by materials that are incredibly rich, deeply grounded and extremely practical. It was one of the most original and eye-opening experience I’ve encountered, one I am very, very grateful for!

SHE has also been one of my first experiences of a truly safe and supportive female community. Claire is an amazing coach, facilitator and human being, and in addition to the beauty of the materials presented, the space she created for and with us was incredibly nourishing. Our nine-month exploration felt like the very beginning of a truly wonderful journey, one that I really want to continue. Possibly for the first time in my life, I can genuinely experience my female nature as a gift, a blessing and a power, and feel that I am stepping further into embodying myself not just as a female, but as a human being." 

Martina Avellino | UK

"Through SHE, I experienced what it’s like to be held in love and full acceptance, in a space of true sisterhood and togetherness, where we shared silence, tears and laughter in the most honest and nourishing way.

The transmissions allowed me to unveil an intimate place deep within me, which, through practice, ritual and intention I can now bring back to life; they revealed an inner presence that is always, already, here. A presence that I now can always connect and lean into when I need to.

Lastly, I’ve gained such clarity on my own mechanisms and patterns through the teachings that I’m left with a sense that the journey has only gotten started, and there’s so much more to discover, as I will keep diving deeper into the materials.

This is a journey that I will always deeply cherish and wholeheartedly recommend to every woman 

Oana Ratiu | Hungary


"I had trouble relating to the Goddess in the beginning, but through the meditations and discussions, I could see Her at work in my life and the lives of the other women in the group. I came to rely on the support there is for us in Her presence and to trust the wisdom that was unfolding at the perfect pace for me. 

I love the way we related to the phases of the moon, the ebbing and flowing of events and the constancy of love which is always right there. Claire masterfully and gently guided us on this exploratory journey and provided valuable feedback at every stage. Can't wait to see what the next revolution of the spiral brings."

Margot Andresen  | Canada


About Claire Molinard

My name is Claire Molinard. I am a Master Integral Coach™ with over 30 years experience as an acupuncturist, coach and somatic psychotherapist. Through both deep inquiry and everyday practice, I have developed my signature coaching process that I call Unique Self Emergence. At the crossroads of psychology, energy healing and spiritual transformation, I work with you on all aspects of your being: heart, body, soul.

I created SHE for those who give so much of themselves every day, to help them reconnect to their bodies, their hearts, and their intuition. SHE is a place of refuge, a source of connection to the immanent and transcendent sacred. It is a field of inspiration in which we learn to move forward together, so that we can each create the life that feels like us, aligned with our Unique Self.

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